Saturday, 24 December 2011

[ENG SUB] 2PM Special Show

*Part 1*
*Part 2*


  1. Kai2dayeo..I really LOVE your subbed video for 2PM!!!!! what I like about ur subbed video:
    1. the video was clear compared to others.
    2. u will subbed everything they, easy for me to understand the whole thing.
    TQ Kai2dayeo..I always waiting for 2PM subbed video from you..keep subbing 2PM video ya!! fighting!

  2. FYI i am JUNSU bias too..kkkk.
    Jun.k..alive baby!

  3. Another thing what I like about ur subbed video is:

    3. u make hard subbed, not soft-subbed and you upload it at YouTube so, easy for me to download the video.. TQ Kai2dayeo! :)

    (actually, the two comments above are commented by the same person, it is me..hehee)